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Rebates and Promotions

Globe Electric is a firm advocate of energy conservation. Increasing energy efficiency is one of the best investments we can make to help meet the growing demand for electricity and natural gas in the region.

Improving your business or home’s energy efficiency can significantly reduce your energy use and save natural resources. Globe Electric is pleased to offer its clients current links to energy efficiency rebates and incentives provided through local energy sources.

PSE and SCL offer great rebates for lighting retrofits. Sometimes these rebates even cover 100% of the installation costs, paying everything but sales tax. And then there are the monthly savings on the utility bill, “the gift that keeps on giving.” In other cases the energy savings rapidly cover the cost of the lighting retrofit, sometimes in as little as six months.

For large users and industrial users the utilities have comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of energy usage—lighting, motors, HVAC.

Please link to the following offers to see if you qualify for a rebate or incentive.